You are a Guilty Sinner Before God
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You yourself admit the fact that you are a liar a thief and an adulterer. Whether you answered "Yes" or "No" to the questions, you know the real answer. We are all liars, thieves and adulterers at heart. And Those are only three of God's many commandments. No matter what your beliefs are on eternity, you know in your heart that you do things that are wrong. That indicator has been embedded into your heart by God.

You must be held accountable BECAUSE God is good!
God is Love. But he is also Holy and Just (Psalm 89:14). Consider civil law. Can a good judge allow a criminal to walk out of the courtroom without the punishment that he rightly deserves, according to the crimes he has committed? No. If he did then justice would not be served and he would be corrupt, himself, and deserve punishment. God is infinitely more just and righteous than any earthy judge and you can be sure that you will be accountable for your sin.

Your punishment is eternal death!
"The wages of sin is death" (Romans 6:23). And the scriptures tell us that this is not just physical death. This is spiritual death that results in eternal separation from God in Hell.

God gave you freedom and allows you to sin BECAUSE he loves you and He wants you to love Him!
If God created us and then forced us all to do His will, what would he have made? A bunch of robots. How much could you love a robot? You might enjoy it for a time, but it could never love you and you could never love it. God is not a dictator (dictators are not good, He is) and he did not make us to be robots. He WANTS us to be good in every way, but he simply will not force us. He wants us to CHOOSE to be good and to CHOOSE to love him.

You are not capable of paying for the sins that you've committed ... you're already condemned!
You are already condemned! (John 3:18). You are a sinner and because of your sin, you will never be able to satisfy the debt that you have accrued. Even if you only committed ONE sin in your entire life, you have a sin debt with God. That sin debt MUST (there is no way around it, because God is just and righteous in every way) be dealt with! Either you are eternally separated from God, or someone else who has never sinned must pay it for you. Do you know anyone who has never sinned and is willing to pay your debt for you?


I DO! And You Can Know Him Too!

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